Lukie D’
April 26, 2018



Looking for Knowledge? Look no further than one of the hottest dancehall talents to come out of Jamaica.

Knowledge is a singjay specialising in dancehall music. Born in Spalding Manchester and raised in Borobridge, St Ann, this musician is destined for the bright lights of reggae music industry.The latest offering from Knowledge is ‘Look How Long Mi Wah Buss’. The title itself describes the tune, which goes into Knowledge’s yearning to be recognised for his talent.The lyrics describe his real-life searching for his dream to ‘buss’ in the reggae industry a story all too familiar with many artists across the island.He comments:’ I discovered that I had a love for music at a tender age of ten, from then on my passion for music became stronger by the day.

Music is my life and it conjures up so many emotions in me- calm, excitement, reason and a passion for life’.‘Look How Long Mi Wah Buss’ describes my insatiable thirst for music and how far I’m willing to go to fulfill my dream of talent being recognised. I’ve done a few stage shows and on stage, I come alive. Music is my lifeblood.’My musical idol is the great Shabba Ranks. His lyrics, musical strength, and presence are what I aspire to. Over the years I have made many attempts to propel my career on the international stage but have yet to get there. Recently I met with a recording scout who was in Jamaica. He heard me at a local stage show and linked me up with a contact.I’m now recording with Jam Link Records and my mentor and my producer is Eutan Jones who is preparing me for the international stage.

Looking for knowledge? Look no further, contact JamLink or email