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Nisha K is a well-established singer/songwriter in the reggae field and beyond.With one album and numerous singles under her belt, the British born singer hails from South London but is even more popular in Jamaica than she is in her home town.

Her debut album did well when it was released before the millennium. Titled, 'Weekend' and produced by Bobby (Digital) Dixon at Digital B Studio in Kingston, Jamaica, the album was released on the Digital B Label and distributed by Brickwall.Some of Nisha K's released singles include "Guilty', a successful cover version of the Bee Gees/Barbara Streisand song, which was produced by UK based producer, and former Matumbi member, Eutan Jones.

The duet featured reggae great, Lukie D.Other singles include 'hot stuff' a dancehall track featuring DJ Cutty Ranks. As with most of Nisha K's Jamaican recorded tunes, Hot Stuff was produced by Bobby Digital, and as is the case with most of her releases, the single was released in Jamaica, USA and England. The recording of the song took place at Digital B Studios where she also recorded the CD single 'Weekend' .

This up beat dancehall track features Hawkeye the popular Jamaican DJ. Another release is her rendition of the classic, 'you can't hurry love' originally sung by Diana Ross, Nisha K recorded the song with producer Sheldon Stewart at Digital B studio. The single is available on the Calibud label in Jamaica , USA and UK.One of Nisha's musical ventures was a trip to Uganda to perform two shows with Shabba Ranks.

The week long tour consisted of a show in the 12000 capacity venue, Nile Hotel. The show was a sell-out as was the previous show staged at the Nakivubo Stadium in Kampala, Uganda, where 45,000 people enjoyed the show which featured Nisha K performing her original self penned music and the performing combination music with the Shabba Ranks crew. The events were featured on national television and in local newspapers and media.In Uganda Nisha K promoted and performed one of her then current singles, 'Read my mind' recorded and produced in Jamaica by Bobby Dixon (Digital).

Her other successful singles have been released and have been featured on a number of compilation albums including Double up Volume 2, Handle The Ride, Digital Impact and more.One of her most popular hits 'In Your Smile' was recorded in England and released on 7inch in Jamaica on the Digital B Label, it was also released on 12 inch in England by Stingray Records. 'Jah Love' was recorded and produced again by Bobby Digital in Kingston Jamaica.

It was also released on the compilation album 'Handle the ride' on the same label.During other pursuits abroad Nisha K appeared on national television in the Philippines, Asia. Whilst in the Philippines she appeared on the cult music programme, Eat Buluga' Channel 7 TV also GMB TV, an Asian local television station. As well as performing, Nisha also presented the DMC Championships with Mike Kasem who is the regular presenter of MTV Asia. Interviews with Nisha have been transmitted at Asian radio stations including Killer Bee Radio and Kiss FM radio in the Philipines.In the UK, Nisha has appeared and performed on the cable television network on BET channel in the weekly broadcast Rhythm and Blues Chart Show on iC3.To date Nisha has written over 100 songs.

She has also composed songs for other artists including the late Dennis Brown, George Nooks, Ras Shiloh and Lukie D.She has preformed backing vocals for a number of artists including Sizzla, Garnett Silk, Warrior King and Nadine Sutherland.

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