Gerald Russell aka Color T aka Classical Lawson Ras(19 December 1983) is a singer, songwriter, producer, engineer, internationally known as a Roots,Reggae/ Cultural Dancehall Artist.
Color T’s humble musical beginnings started at age 13 in Charlies Smith Comprehensive high school. He and his classmate’s would use the desk tops as percussive instruments to accompany themselves while they sang their favourite artist songs. So captivated where they by these artists, they would immulate them as if they themselves where performing in a live musical festival.

Gerald is also a passionate lover for Soccer, unfortunately his soccer career ended early due to a knee injury which prevented him from playing the sport. Color T’s hail’s from a small area called Hopeful Village in Kingston 12 which is in the same area as Trench Town where the Great Bob Marley comes from. Marley immortalised the name of the town in his song “Trench Town Rock”.
Age 15 Color T formed the group (Fire Family) who’s members where (Fire Star, Larry and Clayton). Due to violence and disruptions in the community the young teens found themselves going in separate ways.

In 2002 Color T immigrated to the UK where his musical journey continued to take shape.
Color T’s creative writing skills has developed into indissoluble elements of different genre’s.

He has also done many performances in and out of the UK.

Color T has a collection of hit songs including “pure and Clean ” which was inspired by Sugar Minott and Sizzla Kolungi, which is a cover version of the GoodWays reggae instrumental. This song helped to cement his reputation in the music scene, it was produced by Tippa Irie and J b baker for Lockdown Productions. Following “Pure and Clean Color T felt elevated in his abilities and went on to produce one of his best reknown hit single’s ”Cation” and “Hunting for the Deputy” which are metaphorical songs inspired by Bob Marley “I Shot the Sheriff “, one of Bob Marley’s prolific hit song’s in the 1970’s.
Righteousness was Color T’s first UK recorded single which was produced by Sugar Dread under the Heart Of Love record label.
“Life is Precious” for Nujam Records produced by Leroy Simmonds is another inspirational song which is focal on parental guidance.
“If this is not love” produced by TOL is one of Color T’s many hit songs which has also become an anthem in the music scene.

Color T has also Collaborated and produced songs with Dan I , Tad Hunter ,Tommy Trouble, Eccleton Jarrett ,Leroy Simmonds ,Browning, Tippa Ireie Jnile and Big youth AKA Jah Youth .

“What a Bam Bam” , “The Black Board” , “LongRoad “and We Need a Change are just a few of the Ep’s and Albums that Color T has produced under the labels Nubirth Records and TOL. While also doing live performances in and out of the UK.
Since the lockdown Color T has been very focal towards finishing his newest album collection “Flavor “ which is Color T’s newest album soon to be Dropped on the circuit.

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