About Us

Jamlink is a connection between Jamaica and the United Kingdom. Linking the Reggae Music Industry to the World.

Eutan Jones (Seen in pic in bottom right hand corner) is a former founder of the band Matumbi.

Matumbi formed in 1971 in South London, with a line-up of Ted Dixon (vocals), Euton Jones (drums), Dennis Bovell (guitar), Errol Pottinger (guitar), Eaton "Jah" Blake (bass guitar) Bevin Fagan (vocals), and Nicholas Bailey (vocals, later better known as Nick Straker In the early 1970s they acted as a backing band to touring Jamaican musicians. In 1973, they opened for The Wailers at the Ethiopian famine relief concert in Edmonton where much to their embarrassment they went down better than the headliners, Bovell later saying: "The press thought we were much better, and we felt terrible because they were our heroes."Matumbi signed to Trojan Records and had a major breakthrough in 1976, when their version of Bob Dylan’s “ Man In Me” became the biggest-selling UK reggae single that year.

Eutan’s Experience in the business surpasses many and he has formulated this website to bring ‘Artist’ from Reggae genre to give publicity and possibly help with musical advice when necessary.